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Belarina Alimentos is a company that belongs to AB Agrobrasil Group and aims to expand its position in the food area, improving its competitiveness and strengthening its confidence in such an important sector for Brazilian Agribusiness, which generates new opportunities and business value.

Armed with high technology, we use the most modern milling equipment, of Swiss origin and high laboratory control, ensuring the best food safety standards.

We are strategically located in the capital, Curitiba, since the state of Paraná is the largest wheat producer in Brazil.

Our products are elaborated from the use of the best wheat suitable to the specificity of the industries they are destined to, with a mix of national, Argentinean, Paraguayan, and Canadian or American wheat, to serve the main pasta, bakery, and cookie industries, covering the states of Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Goiás, and Santa Catarina.

We are also focused on serving distributors, large wholesale chains, and retailers, with flour for home consumption, pizzerias, rotisseries, restaurants, and bakeries.


  • Falling-Number;
  • Extensography*;
  • Farinography;
  • Alveography;
  • Gluten;
  • Ash;
  • Color (Minolta);
  • Experimental Grinding*;
  • Hectolitre Weight (PH)*;
  • Moisture;
  • Don*;
  • Universal Moisture;
  • Granulometry*.
  • Analyses are not part of the accredited scope


Buquê Wheat Flour

Get to know the Buquê line. It is economical, easy to use, and perfect for cakes, cookies, pizzas, and homemade bread. High extensibility and low elasticity are features of the Buquê Specialty Flour for Pizza. In addition, we have a Specialty Flour for Pastries and Fresh Pasta without pigments and with the quality they deserve.

Guth Wheat Flour

Since 1935, quality and tradition are part of Guth line’s versatile products. It’s ideal for bread, cakes, pizzas, and cookies. Guth Specialty Pizza Flour, with high extensibility and low elasticity, guarantees the best pasta malleability and molding. Developed especially for fresh and pastry dough, Guth gives a lighter color to quality products without pigments. Guth Wheat Flour is produced in a stone mill, which guarantees the maintenance of the grain’s nutritional properties.

Fornada Wheat Flour

As its name says, it is ideal for everything that goes into the oven, whether it is various breads, cakes, pies, or pizzas. It is perfect for professional bakery and confectionery products. Get to know Fornada French Bread Mix, for an always fresh and quality production. In the household line, Fornada type 2 flour is guaranteed savings for the basic food basket.

Belarina Wheat Flour - Industrial Line

An extensive and complete line with differentiated wheat blends; it can be applied for all businesses. We develop flours according to the technical specifications required for your product. Far beyond the production of French bread, we produce panettone, hamburgers, hot dogs, special bread, frozen bread, cookies, and fresh and dry pasta.

Belarina Wheat Flour - Functional Line

Whole grains, wheat flakes, wheat germ, and wheat fibers in various granulometry. These are some of the products of Belarina’s functional line. In addition to whole grain flour extracted from the milling of the whole grain employing stone grinders, the stone mill ensures a more regular granulometry, in addition to a better aspect and flavor to the products offered.
The functional products are rich in fiber and vitamins, with preserved germ. 100% natural products. Ideal for whole-grain, artisan, rustic, and multigrain bread.


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